Updated ChainDuino CLASSIC now available!

The ChainDuino CLASSIC is here!

Recently, I completed improvements to the design of the chainduino, fixed a few flaws from the previous design, and drastically reduced the manual labor required to assemble the chainduino right here in the USA by switching to mostly SMD parts.

ChainDuino CLASSIC
ChainDuino CLASSIC

ChainDuino New Features

  • Both 5v and 3.3v operation.  Yes, you now have the option to switch a chainduino board run off 3v3!  Just don’t forget to switch to the internal oscillator first!
  • 2 more MCU options.  In addition to the standard ATMEGA 328P, the new ChainDuino can be ordered with 2 other Chips instead, the new 328PB, and the 1284P found on the Bobuino.
  • Bigger 3v regulator.  The tiny 3.3v regulator on the standard arduino is a limitation for certain, so we beefed it up.
  • Choose the pins RS-485. Now, the TX, RX, and DE/RE pins can be moved to other Arduino pins easily.  The optional 328PB or the 1284P both feature (2) UARTs, so this is even more beneficial with those upgraded MCUs.
  • 1 Button for you.  Simple I know, but in a world where things connect to each others, a momentary push button can be very useful.  Use it for addressing, toggling settings, and whatever else you can think of.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Moved the DC power jack to the typical left side of the board (with the RJ45 ports)
  • Fixed the bias resistors polarity (they were backwards on the PRIMO units)
  • Mostly SMD components for faster production (100+ units per day)
  • Moved the FTDI header to the right side of the board (no longer interferes with other headers)
  • added diodes to RX and TX lines (avoids a pull-up conflict between RS485 chip and FTDI programmer that interfered with sketch uploads)

ChainDuino To-Do List:

  • finish updating documentation
  • post design files
  • post updated example sketches
  • assemble 200 units by end of September 2016

A handful of these boards are available now, and several hundred will be available in about 2-3 weeks.

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