The ChainDuino

Classic is here...

Fully compatible, improved & updated for 2016.

Updated ChainDuino CLASSIC now available!

The ChainDuino CLASSIC is here!

Recently, I completed improvements to the design of the chainduino, fixed a few flaws from the previous design, and drastically reduced the manual labor required to assemble the chainduino right here in the USA by switching to mostly SMD parts. ChainDuino CLASSIC ChainDuino New Features Both 5v and 3.3v operation.  Yes, you now have the […]

ChainDuino In-House Assembly

NeoDen TM245P Pick & Place Machine (video)

We now have a pick & place machine, and it loves to make ChainDuino boards!  We expect that the availability of the ChainDuino, as well as new products, will be consistent going forward thanks to this new toy.  To see a video of the machine in action, click the link below, or click the image. […]

The ChainDuino was successfully funded on Kickstarter, Thank You!

ChainDuino kickstarter successfully funded reaching $12,190

The ChainDuino kickstarter was very successful, originally seeking $2,500, yet raising over $12,000 USD.   The board design is nearly complete, and variations of the board will follow soon after, including the ChainDuino Mega.  Backers who are recieving more than 2 units will also get a free board that will allow users to create a branch off of the main […]